Increase in Homes for Sale Resulted In Increased Specific Home-Style Purchases

First-time homeowners and repeat buyers don’t pay much attention to the style of the new home they want to purchase. Typically, the first thoughts the buyer will have are, “Is the location good enough? Is the house affordable and practical?” Affordability has now become the main concern for many buyers, and the aesthetic appeal of different home styles has taken a back seat. However, we cannot blame people for being so cautious.

Housing Prices

As it stands now, the price on property has been steadily increasing and outpacing the growth of income in many areas of the country. The reason why property prices in some states have been increasing is because of the dwindling number of homes available on the market. Homeowners are unwilling or unable to sell because the value of their home is much less than the amount owed on their mortgage. With the lack of homes for sale in the market, up-and-coming Millennials have been forced to accept renting over purchasing a home.

The Housing Market Boom

Some cities’ real estate markets have boomed in the past two years. San Francisco is one city that has seen 74% of homes for sale were sold within the first two months of the houses being on the market. Also, the return of homeowners purchasing more lavish homes is trending upward. There are a few different home styles on the market today, and some are more popular than others. A theme amongst buyers that is becoming more common is that they are seeking homes that have been built during a particular time period in history, or at least offer the same aesthetic.

For example, a Craftsman-styled house is reminiscent of the early 20th century’s arts and crafts movement. Homes for sale of this style have been the most popular choice for home buyers during the last quarter of 2014. Aside from Craftsman, other styles of homes include: country, traditional, modern, European, ranch, farmhouse, cottage, southern, and Mediterranean.

Of course, for some people, a style of home that is merely reminiscent of a time period isn’t enough for them- they want the real thing. Therefore, if you are a big fan of history, then a home actually built in 1817 just outside of Gettysburg might appeal to you. If this is true for you, remember that it is perfectly fine to purchase a home simply to satisfy our own taste in aesthetics and entertainment value, regardless of what the trend at the time may suggest.

How Luxury Sheets and Bedding Help Improve Home Style and Decor

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Home Decorating Style

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Swiss Beddings, Coverlets and Bed linens

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The Ever – Most Popular Bassetti Bedding

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How to Care For Your Luxury Bedding

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Purchase Only The Best

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A Guide to Popular Architectural Styles for New Homes

Building new homes is a contractor’s dream. The prospective homeowners can facilitate that dream by doing a little homework. Knowing all of the amenities and features is always the easy part, but selecting a specific architectural style first can really help. Here is a guide to some popular choices.


This style is typically a small, 1 or 1-1/2 story structure. It is very economical to build, and it is perfect among new homes for couples starting out. The bungalow became popular in the United States, particularly in California, in the early 1900s. It has a low-pitched roof, broad eaves, and a large front porch.


Settlers in the American colonies inspired this popular style during the 1700s. It is 2 or 3 stories and built from wood or brick. The front door entrance is usually centered and accented. Many plans include columned porticoes, and the most common feature among them is the multi-pane, double-hung windows with shutters.


The Mediterranean style is sometimes referred to as Spanish Colonial Revival, as the designs are quite similar to each other. The exterior is made of stucco or plaster, and it has shallow, red tile roofs. The windows and doors are often arched. Intricate wrought iron grillwork is another common feature, and the influences on the structure come from Southwestern, Moroccan, Tuscan, Spanish, and Italian villa models.

Tudor (also known as Medieval Revival or Tudor Revival)

This style typically has tall, narrow windows with small panes. It also has a steeply pitched roof. The siding is stucco or brick. The chimney is usually oversized with patterned stones. These homes are reminiscent of medieval English cottages and manor houses. The doors are half-round or arched with decorative hardware, and these structures usually have 1-1/2 to 2 stories.


These structures reflect the style of architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria. However, what most consider Victorian did not become popular until after the 19th century. These constructions are romantic, filled with detail, and come in all shapes and sizes. They often have steeply pitched roofs, patterned shingles, bay windows, and a front porch.

New American

This style emerged in the late 20th century during the affluent years. These houses are massive, asymmetrical structures, and homeowners seeking large lots will love this choice. The exterior is built from stucco, brick, stone, or a mixture of all three. It features oversized windows and varying roof lines.

These styles are just a sampling of what builders can do for new homes, so research architecture types thoroughly to select the one whose design best fits your lifestyle.