Almost Instant Updates You Can Make to Your Home Style

There are small things we can do to spruce and update our living spaces. Of course we would all love to the endless supply of cashflow that the design shows provide. Most of these suggestions are inexpensive and can add so much personality to your space.

Stop Using Matching Throw Pillows

Commonly when buying a sofa they come with matching throw pillows, but by adding different color or pattern accent throw pillows you can update a room instantly. Adding that dash or bold color or striking patterns can help complement the neutral tones of the room.

Changing Light Fixtures

Instead of using a standard hanging light fixture try adding a decorative chandelier or lantern. By adding a simple change to your dining room can add so much personality to the room.

Designate a Cozy Space

Today’s popular design is the open floor plans. Where floor designs are open and flow seamlessly. But, though that is nice for the overall style of the home try making a place in your home more cozy.

Decorate Personal Spaces

Most of us spend most of our energy on decorating spaces that we show to other people. The guests for our parties or an unplanned visit that can happen at anytime. Decorating these spaces are important but lets not forget places in the house where we spend most of our time. The bedroom, office, or bathroom. Take items that you love and decorate your favorite

Creating a Collection

First rule of adding a collection of items to a room is to remember that odd numbers go together better than even. Take a second to find items in your room that are common in some way. For example, you might have a group of silver items that share a common element. By putting them together on a console or sofa table.

Painting Inside

If you have a wood piece of older furniture lying around that you want to spruce up try painting the inside of the cabinet to add a splash of accent color. Adding accent color can instantly brighten up a space.

Replacing Old Lampshade

Trying to stay contemporary with our home style can be difficult. An easy way to update the style of your home is updating the lampshades. Right now the modern mid-century look is definitely in. By trading in your out of date shades with simple drum shaped shade can instantly update a room. Even better would be to forego the white shade with a dramatic twist, like gray or bronze

Breaking Up Dining Chairs

Typically dining tables come with slats that can be removed. Keeping the slat in the table usually only occurs when we have people over and that most commonly happens for holidays or birthdays. Since we don’t use the full length of the tables you have extra chairs to use. By simply taking those extra unused chairs and use them to flank a console or sofa table in your entryway, a sideboard in your living room, or a dresser in your bedroom.

The Most Popular Shed Styles That Everyone Wants

When it comes to building a shed, there are so many different styles and sizes to choose from. The first thing you need to think about is what the shed is going to be used for. Depending on the use or purpose of the shed, there are some styles to choose from. Obtaining shed plans are a must to be able to build it accurately. Most of the plans for sheds can be modified to fit whatever your needs will be.

Barn style shed plans is a very popular and unique shed to build. This design will depend mostly on the style of your home and outside d├ęcor. It tends to blend better with a more country or traditional home style. If your style is more ultra modern, you might not choose this design.

One of the newer styles is a combination shed. It’s great for storing firewood and larger tools. It’s like a regular backyard shed, but has an open concept.

Storage sheds, tend to be better insulated. They are mostly used for items that you want to protect from the elements of the weather and moisture. If you need to store clothes or books, liquids, that could easily be damaged if moisture gets at them. They can be built with a saltbox style roof, which allows more sunlight exposure.

The most popular would be the garden shed. Most homeowners have a great need for this style. It makes great storage for garden tools, lawnmowers, and equipment that you want to keep out of the garage because of the clutter it creates.

Pool sheds can be more costly to build, depending on how elaborate you go. They can be used just for the storage of pool items, to being a change room. Some pool sheds even have a kitchenette in them. They usually have more windows and can be more challenging to build, depending on what you add to it.

No matter if you choose barn style shed plans, or garden shed plans, whatever your requirements or your needs might be, the use of the shed will be beneficial in the long run.

Home Addition Ideas – Eleven of The Most Popular Home Additions That Build Equity

Are you thinking of building a home addition? Does today’s economy have you worried? A home expansion can be very involved with decisions about home addition costs, home addition floor plans, building materials, and financing.

It’s not something you go into lightly.
Your Home Addition’s Floor Plans: Equity, Usefulness, or Both?
The best home additions provide increased value for your home while at the same time increase the home’s livability. Start first by deciding all the things you really want and need. Then prioritize that list and narrow it down. You may be able to include most of what you want but your budget will be a determining factor.
Is it useful to you? Does it fit into the style of your home and the style of the neighborhood? Are there homes in your neighborhood that are now of greater value than yours? This is a good sign that you can create value by adding on.
Stick With the Most Popular Home Addition Projects
Here is a list of the most popular projects for home additions. If your personal desires and needs match with one or more of these then chances are good that your project would be a go. And, if you’re planning to stay in the home a while, there is no reason why now would not be a great time to move forward with it.
In no particular order:

1) You simply need more space: A growing family, more “things”, more visitors … and many other reasons create the need for more space. This is the most popular reason to add on.
2) To build more equity in the home: This could be considered a by-product of all the other reasons for a home addition. But, many people add on just for the potential to create equity … especially if they’re in the smallest home in the neighborhood.
3) To gain more storage space: Storage seems to be one of the most sought after features of a home. Certainly, a home with inadequate storage space is a liability. Additions of a garage and RV and boat shelters are included in this.
4) To add an entertainment center, billiards room, hobby/exercise room: These popular add-ons can really make a home fun. As going out for recreation becomes more expensive, having fun at home becomes more attractive.
5) Create a rental unit for income: It’s important to comply with local codes regarding number of units on the property and the number of families that can legally live there. Added and ongoing income can be very attractive.
6) Creating private but accessible living quarters for aging parents/in-laws: This is a growing need. Again, codes can be restrictive but the personal value of this expansion can be considerable.
7) Building a home addition for a home business: Often, homes need more space for a home business and home businesses can benefit from separate access that doesn’t require going through the home. Proper design goes a long way towards making this work well.
8) Expanding popular living spaces like Great Rooms, Family Rooms, & Dining Rooms: Very often these cannot be achieved through a simple remodel. Extra square footage is needed.

9) Adding a bathroom: A very popular home addition. It is most common when a master bedroom has no master bath or when a family grows too big for the number of bathrooms currently in the home.
10) Adding a laundry room: Older and smaller homes often had no separate laundry rooms. For this reason, laundry room additions have become quite popular.
11) Sunrooms, screened porches, and green houses: Outdoor living is in. These will likely become more and more popular in coming years as well.
Start With a Home Building Coach.
Home additions represent a major home improvement. This requires professional help. You can start with an architect, General Contractor, or a Home Building Coach. I prefer a home building coach. Either way, get professional help from the start.
As always, the most beneficial advice I can give is to keep informed, improve your knowledge, seek out those professionals and ask a ton of questions.